Clinical Care

core skills (cstf) the mandatory Training extension inc. elements of The care Certificate; duty of care, dementia Awareness, blood component transfusion, person centred care, communication, consent, privacy and dignity, fluids and nutrition. UK core skills Training framework

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Our Clinical Care online training course helps to extend our other Medical & Care courses to meet the additional theory requirements of the 'Care Certificate' and to further the Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF, by Skills for Health) training alignment for UK Health and Social Care workers.

Designed to perfectly compliment our statutory framework subjects Candidate Mandatory Training, Mandatory Training (which is without Food Handling, for AHP's) along with our Healthcare Mandatory Training and Healthcare Principals training.

Course Menu Subjects avg. 1 hours, 36 minutes

Introduction: A prelude and opening statements of the core subject material.
Your Healthcare Career: Understand the secrets of healthy professional relationships and how important they can be for developing teamwork.
Healthcare Duty of Care: Understand the Duty of Care and how to promote an individuals wellbeing, ensuring their safety from; harm, injury, abuse and learn about their human rights when delivering care, treatment and support.
Person Centred Care: Learn how to promote independence and promote wellbeing through a person centered approach and understand the six underlying principals of strategy; Carer, Compassion, Competence, Communication, Courage, Commitment.
Healthcare Communication: Good communication is always at the heart of brilliant health care. Understand the different ways in which an individual can communicate effectively, the Assistive Devices that can support their communication and how their communication styles may vary.
Healthcare Consent: Learn about the principles of consent that apply to all care decisions, ranging from the treatment of minor self-limiting conditions to screening and major interventions which may have significant risks or side effects.
Healthcare Privacy and Dignity: Understand the value of confidentiality, privacy and dignity when supporting an individual to promote their independence.
Fluids and Nutrition: Understand the symptoms of poor nutrition, the causes and how to encourage an individual to promote their well being through proper nutrition and hydration, assisting them with recovery and rehabilitation.
Healthcare Dementia Awareness: Understand this complex and vulnerable condition. Learn to promote independence, communication and reassure family members. Empowering individuals to live well with dementia, and accommodate changes while anxiety is reduced for everyone involved.
Blood Component Transfusion: Understand the principles of blood component transfusion, the safe handling of blood components and the potentially fatal impacts of misidentification of blood components.

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  Clinical Care
This Clinical Care elearning course is aligned to the UK Core Skills Training Framework (CSTF, by Skills for Health) and includes the core skills, knowledge and behaviours which would be transferable and applicable across different types of service provision to provide compassionate, safe and high quality care and support.

Provided by IBIS Training. Our courses have been trusted by the industry in medical, care and locum recruitment agencies since 2005, perfect to enable compliance for those following NHS frameworks such as NHS CPP (including procurement organisations; NHS LPP, NHS CS, EOE NHS CPH, NHS NOE CPC etc) along with Health Trust Europe (HTE), among others and related medical & care industry standards.
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