Workstation Safety

Computer workstation safety (dse) training helps avoid; back, neck and wrist pain (RSI). Workstation ergonomics discusses; posture, position of arms, legs, head and how the wrist support and foot rests may help or hinder existing injuries or vulnerabilities.

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DSE Training, Display Screen Equipment Risk Assessment

Our Workstation Safety training (also known as Display Screen Equipment or DSE) teaches you and your colleagues how the workstation should be set up, and more importunity, why...

A short and easy step towards suitable employee workstation safety, this popular course gets directly to the point with valuable information and instruction for anyone using; a computer, laptop, desk or mobile devices at work.

We specifically avoid complicated legislative quotes and references to keep this course on track, for more detailed health & safety management of Workstation Safety see our Workstation Assessor Theory course.

We also discuss the potential benefits of Standing Desks (Sit-Stand Working) and the use of multiple screens (also known as Multi-Array Monitors) which are becoming increasingly popular in new workplaces.

Course Menu Subjects avg. 16 minutes

Display Screen Equipment: Understand computer workstation safety (aka DSE), the appropriate positioning of workstations and how to correct or adapt work chairs to improve an "ergonomic posture".
What does a computer workstation include?: Understand what is considered part of your workstation setup and learn how ergonomics play a key role.
Checking your Workstation Setup: A guide for checking through all the key areas of your workstation setup, explaining how to adjust each element of your workstation to perfectly suit you and your work.
The Work Chair: Learn about the minimum requirements of work chairs for computer workstations and their key adjustment features.
Lighting: Understand the differences between reflections and glare, and how to eliminate these distractions in your working environment.
The Desk: Learn about the different types of desks, their features and how you can position them to optimise your task.
Breaks and Changes of Activity: We discuss posture, your movement, and how the benefits of encouraging breaks, and changes of activity are essential to safety and productivity.
Sit-Stand Working: Learn about the new benefits and possibilities of Sit-Stand Working with Standing Desks.
Mobile Devices: Understand the physical impacts of prolonged mobile device use and how you might limit or avoid them completely.
DSE Assessment: Learn about the requirements for DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessments and the support that may be available for you.
Home Working: Learn about and understand the surprisingly common hazards associated with home or remote working environments.
Work Routines: Learn about the requirement for managers to carefully plan and manage common work routines to ensure that work activities are periodically interrupted with breaks and changes of activity.
Verification of Understanding: A brief series of questions, with multiple choice answers, to help validate your understanding of the key concepts.

Workstation Safety, for Business

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  Workstation Safety/DSE
We offer tips & tricks to recognise a unsuitable setup and how it can affect the person using the workstation.

Learn how to fix an unsuitable setup for yourself, when professional guidance would be necessary and how to identify key features of a correct ergonomic workstation including; posture, position of arms, legs and head.

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