We have an abundance of features to make your learning experience enjoyable and easier. We have all the best features for trainees and specialist features for managing business training.

Trainee & Candidate Features


We take your information and privacy seriously, really. Your login details are protected with SSL encryption & we follow and exceed industry security standards.
Always Open 24/7
Learn when you want; 24 hours, 7 days, 365 days a year.

Always accessible and ready when you are.
Easy Start
You won't need training to use our training. From automatic logins to clicking the play button - it's simple.

Although, if you do get stuck, our support team are happy to help.
Learning Management System
Our LMS or eLearning Portal is world-renowned for being beautiful, simple & robust with all the features our customers ask for.
Learning Verification
Quiz Questions, Passmarks and full Workbooks all work together to ensure understanding and comprehension.

All are optional.
Our responsive designed Web App means you can access and use anywhere from any device; Tablets, Smartphones, Desktops etc. with no troublesome download or installing.
Everyone should have the opportunity to learn, so we do our best to include everyone with support for the visually impaired, and simple English used throughout.
No Saving & Timeouts
No need to worry, you can drop-in and drop-out whenever you please, your progress is always saved no matter how or where you login.
Course Menu
Can't remember a key part of your training? No problem, drop-in whenever you please and use the Course Menu to find the information you need.
Brilliant Support
Everyone; you, colleagues, trainees, account managers etc. can talk to our Support team right from the word go. They're friendly and solution focused always there for you when you need a real person.
You can receive email notifications when your login details are setup or if you request support and we will never send you unwanted emails.
Some advanced subjects require a little more learning verification. This is where our Workbooks come in, short, medium and long form essays are marked by designated, real people, industry specific professionals.
Quiz Questions
Some people just learn better on the job, situational and contextual questions are used to help explain specific scenarios and to gauge understanding from multiple-choice answers.
Online Training / eLearning
We do things the sensible way; no booking venues, expensive travel or underwhelming accommodation needed, and no-one gets left behind. Everyone can learn at their own pace in their own space.
Successfully complete a course and you'll receive a globally recognized, modern & informative certificate as proof (and bragging rights) of your training.

Business Features - for Account Managers


Login Emails
Setting up a bunch of colleagues? We make it easier and more secure by automatically sending them their own login details and instructions so you don't have to. They can even just click a link to get logged in and learning.
Direct Trainee Support
We support your colleagues and trainees so you don't have to.

We can talk with them directly to save you time and frustration.
No need to chase anyone. Our beautiful & easy reports make it easy to keep an eye on everything. Know who's completed what, and when, at a glance.
Completion Notifications
Get email notifications whenever anyone in your account finishes a course.

We make it even easier to know what's going on.
You can have multiple Account Managers to keep an eye on the reports or for adding & managing new colleagues.

It's not all down to you.
Searching & Filtering
No need to hunt and peck. You can search for just about anything.

Know who's account you're after? Just go straight to them.
Self-managed Tier
A large company or have many locations/departments? Keep Account Managers, Trainees, Reports and courses together with staggered accounts. We specialise & thrive with this...
We've been around for a while (more than a decade...) and we've got lots of experience, but if we don't have what you need, just ask... We are constantly making new features for our customers.
Looks Interesting?
Choose a course (or two) from our elearning catalogue (our available online training courses) and take advantage of our brilliant learning management system. If your not completely certain which course would be best for you, our friendly support team will be more than happy to help, just contact IBIS.