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7 Steps for a Returning to Work Health & Safety Plan

[Free Guide] Learn about the seven simple steps for safely returning to work after a pandemic. Read more  

Charity Discount

Helping where we can is a key point for our training mission, and to that affect IBIS Training is delighted to offer a discretionary discount on our eLearning safety courses for registered charities in the United Kingdom. Read more  


Why is LinkedIn important to the job market and training? Learn how you can leverage LinkedIn to boost your career and improve your visibility on social media. Read more  

Top 3 Preparations for a Smooth Return to Work - Getting Back to a pre-COVID Workplace.

Are we nearly back to work pre-COVID-style? With a little help, yes we are.In this post we cover the Top 3 things all team leaders and managers can do to ease back into the destination we all want to arrive at post-pandemic.The bottom line for returning to work? Healthier, happier and engaged workers will get us back to normal a lot easier and safer too, we’ve got some free courses and ideas to help teams and businesses make the journey. Read more  

What will the British Working from Home Future Really Look Like in 2020? #WFH

What will become of your working from home scenario, and how will it play out for your work in the near future?At the end of March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic forced British businesses into “having to” work from home - there was a mad-rush to hide away and make-do with whatever space was available, some of us scrabbling to learn how to work online better too - all under rushed circumstances. Read more  

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