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IBIS Training
0.8 min read   ·   July 10th, 2019

Starting Your Training

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It's nice and simple to get started on your training, once you've got your courses and account setup, just:

  1. Login - We've got a handy How to Login guide for that.
  2. Update Info - Make sure your Name and Email Address are up-to-date, also update your password to something you'll remember in the future (or use a Password Manager App like LastPass)
  3. Start Learning - Clicking/Tap the play arrow next to a course on your Dashboard.
  4. Answer Questions - you may come across Quiz Questions or Workbooks.

You can logout when you like (even in the middle of a course) as it will remember how far you've got,  ready for the next time you login.

Keep in mind that your actions and time taken are recorded.

If you need any help at all, just send us a Support Ticket or use the Contact page.

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