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What's a Ticket?

Support Tickets are like emails, they help our Online Training Support Team to manage and provide brilliant support. They can help you with subjects related to the online training platform and how to use it.

How do Support Tickets Work?

You can create a Support Ticket from your Dashboard or the Contact page, to keep everything organised we have 3 Support Ticket statuses:

  1. New - Our Support Team will get to your message soon.
  2. Opened - We are working on it!
  3. Closed - We've solved the problem.

Once you are satisfied that the support issues have been resolved please click the 'Close Ticket' button.

View all your Open Support Tickets by clicking the Support Tickets view button above the Create Ticket box on your Dashboard.

You can view a ticket by clicking/tapping on it to show the conversation thread (all the messages in the ticket).

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