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Writing Workbooks

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What's a Workbook?

Some of our courses contain multiple Workbook Questions, answer each question to the best of your abilities in under 500 words. You'll see a word count to let you know when you're getting close to the limit.

Remember to click/tap the "Save" button to save your answer.

At the end of your course, all your Workbook answers will be submitted to a Designated Marker.

The Designated Marker will review your Workbook over the next few days, you'll receive an email once they have completed marking. (make sure your email address is correct, you can update this from the Dashboard)

Marking your Workbook

The Designated Marker will mark your Workbook as Passed or Referred, they may have left some feedback comments for your guidance.

  • Passed: Congratulations, you have successfully completed the Workbook.

  • Referred: You may need correct a few things before the Workbook can be Passed. Go back to the Course Menu and revisit any modules needed, updating your answers.

    Once you've updated the answers, use the Course Menu to navigate to Workbook Submission. Remember to only resubmit your Workbook once you have edited all your answers throughout the entire course.

Key Points

You won't be able to talk to the Designated Marker directly, however, they may give feedback comments during marking.

If you are stuck on a Workbook Question; you can use the Course Menu to read through any of the modules, at any time.

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