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Food Hygiene

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Learn how to prepare and store food to prevent poisoning and contamination. Including bacteria, cleaning, waste and pest control, personal hygiene and food safety management.

Course Lessons, Preparation Menu: Food Safety Management, Food & Disease, Food Contamination, Preventing Poisoning, Food Storage, Food preparation, Food Premises & Design, Cleaning the Workplace, Personal Hygiene, Waste & Pest Control

Preparation Related Tags: e-coli, illness, food, hygiene, health and safety, restaurant, bacteria, kitchen, chef, porter, contamination, poisoning, food preparation, premises, cleaning, pest control, cross-contamination, level 2, award,

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Challenging Management Conversations

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Difficult conversations. How can you prepare? Performance management and communicating bad news such as redundancies. Learn how emotional intelligence can impact effective communication, and can help you to navigate conflict. We explore how to thoroughly prepare and plan for difficult conversations and delve into the cultural aspects which are vital considerations in an increasingly multicultural society.

Course Lessons, Preparation Menu: The Impacts of Difficult Conversations, preparation & Planning for Difficult Conversations, Effective Communication Strategies, Emotional Intelligence, Navigating Conflict during Difficult Conversations, Cultural Considerations

Preparation Related Tags: emotional intelligence, performance, management, cultural, conflict, preparation, planning, supervisor, manager, team leader, director, stress, team, challenging conversations, communication, active listening, behaviours, popular, level 3,

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Estate Agent & Lettings Training

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Lone working, home visits and anti-social behaviour for; vendor meetings, property detail preparation and 'To Be Accompanied' Viewings (TBA's), in addition to the basic principles of workstation safety (DSE), manual handling and fire safety.

Course Lessons, Preparation Menu: Introduction, Workstation Safety, Driving and Workplace Travel, COSHH, Electrical Works, Handling Cash and Banking, Home Working, Inspections of the Workplace, Working at Height, Lone Working and Home Visits, Anti Social Behaviour, Needlesticks, Pets and Animal Nuisance, Accidents and Incidents, Asbestos, Drugs and Alcohol, Fire and Emergency, First Aid, Harassment and Bullying, Information, Legionnaires Disease, New and Expectant Mothers, Occupational Health, Office Moves, Portable and Transportable Electrical Equipment, Risk Assessments, Safety Signs, Slips, Trips and Falls, Visitors, Work Equipment/Plant, Work/Life Balance and Stress, Young Persons, Gas Safety, Manual Handling

Preparation Related Tags: risk, estate agent, letting agent, public, landlord, anti social behaviour, asb, health and safety, vendor, award, cpd, level 2, sales,

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