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2.0 min read   ·   September 5th, 2018
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How to add a Certificate to LinkedIn

Written by IBIS Training

You can add accomplishments to your LinkedIn for a better (more searchable) LinkedIn Profile - such as our IBIS Training Health & Safety Certificates of Completion!

This helps to boost your professional social presence and highlights your skills too. Read more about LinkedIn & why you should be maximising your usage.

TIP: First make sure you have a Certificate! All of our brilliant Health & Safety Training (eLearning Courses) come with Certificates of Completion when successfully completed. View Health & Safety Courses

How to add Certificates to LinkedIn:

  1. Go to your LinkedIn Profile. 

    Login to LinkedIn and Choose your 'me icon' at the top of the LinkedIn homepage then
  2. Choose View Profile.
  3. Choose 'Add Profile Section'.

    At the top-right of your profile.
  4. Under 'Accomplishments', Choose 'Certifications'. 

What to add from a IBIS Training Certificate:

  1. Certificate Name.

    The name of the course you completed, such as 'Workstation Safety v3' displayed under your name on a IBIS Training Certificate.
  2. Certificate Authority.

    As you start typing IBIS Training or just IBIS we should appear with name and logo!
  3. License number. 

    This is the long "Certificate ID #" (letters and numbers) shown on the bottom of your certificate next to the signatory. (make sure to include this one!)
  4. Valid Dates. 

    The 'From' date on LinkedIn is the date shown as 'completed on' on your IBIS Training certificate, and if your certificate says 'Valid for 1 year' set the 'To' date as one year after the from/completed date.
  5. Certification URL. (optional)

    We don't recommend linking directly to a copy of your Certificate publicly on the Internet - instead (so that your profile viewers can see the content of your course certificate) use a link to our website which explains the course content and mention in your LinkedIn Bio that certificates may be available on request from you. This puts you in control of who has access to your certificates.

Completed a Health & Safety Course from our site?

If you completed a publicly available course (not a custom or private course for a company branded course), you can find the exact course link for the 'Certification URL' on our website and copy & paste the whole website address bar. This will link your LinkedIn Profile viewers directly to the information they're after.

Completed a Custom or Bespoke Company-Branded Course?

If you completed a private or customised course that is not publicly available you can just set the 'Certification URL' to our website homepage, so that your profile viewers can contact us if need be. 


And as always, if you need any help with this, our friendly Support Team would be more than happy to help. :)

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